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Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Experience the hair-rising thrill of Bungee Jumping in Nepal. The site of bungee jump in Nepal is considered among the best in the world. Located close to Nepal-Tibet border, it is 160m over the wild Bhote Koshi River. The first bungee jumping site in Nepal is a three-hour bus ride from Capital Kathmandu. It is managed by some of the most seasoned bungee jump masters. It is designed by one of New Zealand's leading bungee consultants. The sport has finally found a natural home in the highest mountain range in the world. The ultimate thrill of a bungee jump can now be experienced in Nepal at perhaps the best site in the world. Nepal's first bungee jumping site is situated 160m over the wild Bhote Koshi River, and located close to the Nepal-Tibet border, a three-hour bus ride from Kathmandu. As can be arranged on arrival in Kathmandu. As of now, there is only one agency offering this sport. The jump, at 160m, was designed by one of New Zealand's leading bungee consultants, and is operated by some of the most experienced jump masters in the business. It's mishap-proof. The agency takes safety "very, very seriously".

Highlights of the trip;
  1. The Bungee Bridge where bungee jumping is enjoyed happens to be the only privately owned bridge in Nepal.
  2. The bridge has been specially designed for bungee jumping sport with 4X safety factor. It has load capacity of 41,500 kg or 4, 5 tons according to Swiss measurements.
  3. The Bhote Koshi gorge is located within 3 hours outside Kathmandu valley.
  4. The thrill of jumping from the altitude of 160 meters is unsurpassable.

Less than 3 hours outside Kathmandu if you travel by Ultimate Bungee Shuttle. The journey is to the Arniko (Kathmandu/Lhasa) Highway to within 12km of the Tibet Border and the famous Friendship Bridge.

The Gorge
Bungee Nepal Jump takes place on a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi River.

The Bridge
The bridge is Swiss designed, especially for bungee jumping keeping in consideration 4X safety factor. The bridge has loading factor of 250kg per running meter. This means that the bridge will hold 250 x 166 = 41,500kg or 4.5 tones. Over 6000 meters of steel wire has been used to build the longest suspension bridge in Nepal which links two sides of a great valley. Before its construction, locals had to walk five hours to cross this river gorge.

Trip Itinerary
Morning drive from Kathmandu to The Last Resort, It will take 3-4 hours to reach the bungee jumping site from Kathmandu and they put you on the schedule which means you will have your lunch either before Bungee Jumping or after. Then drive back to Kathmandu after complete your thrilling adventure and transfer to your own hotel. At 160m high it is Nepal’s ultimate rush and one of the longest free-falls in the world. On the day of your jump the jump master will first give you a briefing. He then writes your weight on your hand and tells you in which group you will be jumping. If you have any medical problems, please discuss them with the jump master. We advise you to wear closed shoes for the bungee. Make sure your pockets are empty and please be notified that cameras and bags are not allowed on the bridge. Stay overnight at your own Hotel.

Total Trip Cost per participant; USD 85

If you want to make a video then additional cost would be USD 25 per person and video will serve 1 day later in city office.

Above the cost includes; both way transportation, lunch and one shot of Bungee Jumping and T-Shirt.

Tipping is expected but it is not mandatory and can be treated end of the trip if satisfied.

N. B. This is a general itinerary, which can always individually be “tailor-made”. The package itinerary can be redesigned or changed due to trekker’s fitness and time frame of holiday. Similarly hotel can be upgraded or downgraded depend on your budget. Please email to us at mystiquenepaltreks@yahoo.com for more details and discussions for suitably programs.

P.S. In case of Emergency Evacuation during the trip, Helicopter Rescue will be arranged by Mystique Nepal Himalayan Trekking & Expedition (P) Ltd within 1-2 hours in first call. The cost of the rescue must be paid by the clients themselves or insurance company.

There will be a cancellation fee of 25% for any cancellation unforeseen problems shown one month prior to Trekking/Tour departure date, a cancellation fee of 50% two weeks prior to Trekking/Tour departure date and no refund thereafter. No refund for no shows & delay arrivals whatsoever reason.
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