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Family Trekking and Hiking in Nepal

Especially conceived for families with small children, our Family holidays in Nepal show you the marvels of the Himalayan kingdom with fun, excitement and discovery for the whole family. You discover the rich cultural heritage of the Kathmandu Valley; enjoy the natural beauty of Pokhara and the Annapurna Massif, foothill of Mount Everest and classical Langtang Valley, then take an exciting wildlife safari in the Chitwan National Park including additional white water rafting adventure. Family Trekking & Hiking holidays with the children are becoming more popular also in Nepal. It's this wonderful option of spending quality time with your beloved ones. We will help you to organize a trekking holiday with your children and provide porters, 3/4 horses and child carriers. We recommend Nepal as the destination for a holiday with your family, with the possibilities of seeing remote villages and regions that you would not be able to visit by other means. It has this great potential for learning and discovers and is wonderfully family bonding. Not to mention the friendliness of the Nepalese people, which have always a smile for you and your children. Other options include walking tours or walking holidays based at a single centre. If you decide to hike along a route in a mountainous region, camping out at night or staying in lodges, you will be guided and luggage is carried by porters. If you decide to have a base at a location, your luggage will stay at the resort and will walk every day different routes and just need a little backpack. We have a lot of suggestions for such a place and its daily routes. Ideal for families with children, Nepal offers a perfect getaway for October Half Term, Christmas, and February Half Term or Easter. The trek combines a number of different experiences, and we can shorten or extend it depending on the time you have. Some guests like to combine the itinerary with a resort on the return journey, creating the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. Begin in Kathmandu, a bustling ancient city full of color and excitement. For families, we like to showcase it on the back of cycle rickshaws. Whilst in Kathmandu, you can either have an opportunity to fly around Everest, or for those wanting a more exclusive option we can send you all off in a private helicopter, stopping in a Buddhist Monastery for morning prayers before hovering over Everest Base Camp. In a country where the culture is to revere guests as gods, Nepal is an ideal family holiday destination. Nepal is synonymous with its mighty Himalaya, ever smiling hospitable and friendly people, family values, rich flora and fauna, unique culture and tradition. With the restoration of democracy and the end of Maoist's insurgency, Nepal has once again become a safer place to travel. One can travel to every corners of Nepal expecting the same hospitality and people eager to go out their way to make tourists feel at home. An affordable, safe and multi-faceted family holiday options are available in Nepal; trekking, hiking, rafting, canoeing, boating, sightseeing, cultural tour, bird watching, mountain biking, jungle safari, helitrekking, helisightseeing, mountain flight and many such multi-activity are especially tailor-made for family. Family gets plenty of opportunity to participate, enjoy and indulge quality time with each other. Family holidays are devised keeping the children interest at heart without exhausting them and ensuring that family gets comfortable accommodations, relaxation and good meals. One can choose from 1 day to 20 day tour or more led by tour leader. All sorts of fun and entertaining holiday activities are available for kids; cycling along countryside, nature walk, canoeing, elephant safari in Chitwan National Park, cultural tour, boating on Phewa Lake in Pokhara, rafting along gentle rapids of rivers, trekking, educational tour and many more. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini are the most popular destinations. In the recent time Annapurna region has also topped the family preference list. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is the wonderful choice to introduce youngsters and adults to the ancient history of Nepal, the urban lifestyle and cultural heritages. From hotels, guest houses to bed and breakfast, one can have the best child-friendly accommodations in Kathmandu very much suited for family. Sightseeing tour around Kathmandu can be very insightful for both parents and children; visits to Basantapur museum, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath stupa, Swayambhunath stupa, Patan and Bhaktapur provide a closer glimpse of Nepal's unique arts, craftsmanship, culture, tradition and custom. Children will especially find the sights of mischievous monkeys very amusing and interesting in Pashupatinath temple and Swayambhunath stupa. So welcoming is the atmosphere of Pokhara that both parents and children will feel instantly at home amidst the ambience of surrounding Himalayan panorama. Family can experience the exotics of Himalayas on a child-friendly low altitude trek in the Annapurna foothills. In the most relaxed manner family get to tread along the easy trails that wend past alpine meadows, lush forests of oak and rhododendrons, river valley, stone staircases, rice paddies and pristine hamlets. Ample opportunity is there to interact with local people at the camp sites and learn more about local culture and custom. Holidaying in Nepal is a rare blend of safety, comfort, relaxation, adventure, discovery, excitement, challenge, interest and fun for both children and parents. Whether it is rafting along the gentle rapids of Trisuli River or engaging in a multiple activity that involves trekking, jungle safari, nature walk, cultural tour etc, Nepal gives family a rare travel experience and a chance to gain a deeper understanding of people, culture and true essence of Nepal.  Nepal is home to the world's biggest mountains, deepest valleys and the friendliest people! Using our many years of experience operating holidays all over the Nepal, we have devised an itinerary showcasing the best that Nepal has to offer adventurous families. Our dedicated and experienced field staff, guides, Leaders enjoy and take care of you and your children enthusiastically to entertain equally and nicely to have the holiday to Nepal memorable. Our guides and porter fellows have been serving the trekking hospitality in the Himalayas very confidently since the establishment with vast experience in this field. Family Adventure in trekking to Nepal leaves you proud of your children and your experience equally well with us. Our experienced family guests are very happy from the trip where their children also enjoyed the friendship with local children, love of country side Nepalese to them, caring and comfortable services.
Since we have done all the family treks with our own children, we can really give you all the information/suggestions you need and help to make it an unforgettable holiday experience! A Journey with kids can be amazingly interesting beyond your expectation. Take Nepal, it is totally worth 'holidaying' here with children. In Nepal, traveling with children promises a fascinating trip of a lifetime. Numerous thrilling outdoor activities to enjoy like; Tibetan horse riding, cultural/handicraft tour, village tour, Jungle Safari, easy grade Hill station trek and much more. Nevertheless, especially for trekking enthusiasts, proper preparation beforehand and a wise selection of a trekking route, which we have a lot of suggestions, plays an important role to a successfully accomplished trip with children. Some higher grade trekking trips are not advised for children below 15 years. Normally, traveling with small children is not advisable at the higher elevation above 4500m (see options under section; family trekking & walking holidays). But, especially for children, we have designed some wonderful trips. The trips package we have planned are relatively short and don't go too high. We encourage you to set your own leisure pace while trekking and we don't let your children getting fed up while on trek. High altitude sickness is fatal problem, but can be controlled by doing proper acclimatization. A large fluid intake is a factor that greatly helps in acclimatization. Great care, nutritious food will be provided. Our Team is always ready to support you and make arrangements to shoulder them on whenever they feel exhausted during the trekking period.
 Age Ranges;
It is not a good idea to take very young children on a high-altitude trek, because they might not acclimatize well. Older children of 5 years or more who are fit and have had chance to acclimatize can make great trekking partners – but don’t get too upset when you realize that they are faster than you. It is possible to take young children (1 year plus) on a walking or trekking holiday. We will provide any form of transport such as 3/4horses, porters or child carriers. Young children can come along on low altitude treks. Short walking tours or day walks are also an option with young children in child carriers. Remember that you will need to make regular stops and your progress will be a lot slower than walking without children. For very young children of 0 - 12 months in child carriers, it is probably best to be based at a single location. That way, everything will be ready for you on your return at the end of the day. You can also be more flexible and tailor the length of your walk to suit your child more easily. The most difficult age to take children walking is probably from 4 to 7 years as they are too old to be carried and too young to walk long distances. In this case it depends upon the child and the parents know them the best to decide what kind of holiday to book.
Best time to travel;
Nepal has a Monsoonal climate with four main seasons. Autumn and spring are the two most favorable seasons for visiting in Nepal. Autumn (September to early December) brings in clear weather with sunny days and warm nights. Spring (March to May) with occasional rain falls. From June to September, is the monsoon season. Uncomfortable time to visit as the climate of Nepal at this time of year brings about hot weather and rain falls almost every day.
Adventure passion with Family
With your family every trip will be unique in itself and every new place will offer its own incredulity and characteristics. Trekking in Nepal with your family and kids has an explosion to New World - welcome the essential changes of this new phase in your life as a parent. It is irrespective of where you are going on your family adventure trip, what is most important is the element for travel with kids is an explicit patient attitude. On your trip with family, remember that, this is your recreation time and you are all here to have fun and enjoy with nature, ecosystem, cultural and magic Himalayan. It is not sufficient to calculate many of the diligent situations you may come across out of your home with children, as they are recklessly receptive to moods and feelings. Their feelings and mood too much extent depends on your mood, if you are having fun, they will too.
Nepal as a Family Adventure Destination
Family adventure sojourn to Nepal, assist you exploring the hidden Himalayan valley treasures of Nepal from low land to high land top of the world Mt. Everest 8848m, Himalayan, where exotic temples and majestic monuments combine with traditional rural villages Himalaya and bustling metropolitan in contrast, with the harmony of wildlife reserves, to bestow a pristine portray of the mortal and immortal. Taking up a family adventure trip to Nepal is just exciting. Meet the people of Nepal and experience the new world, explore some of Nepal's most famous sights and luxuriate in the overnight jungle safari trip to the Chitwan, enjoy wildlife at various wildlife parks and sanctuary and learn the skill of making traditional crafts of Nepal. Going for an adventure tour with your family is of great value and a great way for you and your children to meet new people! While itineraries are pre-planned there is also flexibility and you'll have plenty of time for yourselves. Normally the kids tends to be aged between 7 and 15, also kids of age 5 can take up adventure tours and some older ones, perhaps traveling as a part of a larger family group.
Walking Equipment for Families; 
Child carriers: birth – 1 year and Child carriers: 6 months – 4 years
1/3 horses: 4 - 7 years and 3/4 horses: 4 years - no limit
Babies who can support their own heads (around 6 months) can travel in a back carrier, which can usually take a child of up to 4 years (we can provide that). There are numerous child carriers available with features such as stands to support the rucksack when loading and unloading and accessories such as sunshades and rain covers.  
Walking sticks that support for them to walk down and up which makes easier for them but careful sometime it can be harmful if there are fighting during the trek. 
In your daypack you will need to carry extra warm clothing (depending on the altitude, location and weather), a rain jacket, water bottle, film and camera gear, valuables and personal items such as sunscreen, lip-eze etc. Porters and mules carry all group gear and your trek pack.
Family Hiking Safety & Tips for Hiking with Children;
A family hiking trek can bring people closer together, promote physical fitness, and encourage children to enjoy nature. Different members of a family will have different physical abilities when it comes to hiking long distances. The distance, environment, elevation, and weather are a few factors that should be tolerable for the group as a whole. Additionally, children are more sensitive than adults and tend to get bored or distracted more easily, so there are specific guidelines that will keep them safe. For instance, small children should stay close to adults so they are less likely to be attacked by animals. These young and inexperienced hikers will have greater problems with fatigue or dehydration, so a hiking group may have to stop an excursion entirely instead of struggle to finish it. Hiking with the kids can be one of the most fun and rewarding things to experience as a family ... or it can be a complete disaster, depending upon how well you plan and implement the hike. So for hiking trips of the fun and rewarding variety, be sure to follow this advice. 
  • Families must make Safety a Priority while camping and Hiking – The safety guidelines that families are recommended to take when going hiking or camping.
  • Teach your Child to Hike – Guide to developing a child's interest in hiking and nature. Teaching your child to hike can mean fun and great exercise for the whole family. Children (and big people too) need to be outdoors, where the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feel of nature can be experienced firsthand. 
  • Family Hiking Safety & Tips for Hiking with Children – Safety tips for families that are traveling with young, inexperienced hikers. 
  • Tips for Hiking with Kids – Ways to keep a child safe on a hike trail and maintain their enthusiasm in being outdoors.
Preparing for a hiking trip;
1. Have children wear appropriate shoes: hiking boots or sneakers including socks, and never sandals or flip-flops. If your kids have hiking boots, have them break the boots in around the house before long hikes so that they don’t come back with blisters. 
2. Always let someone know exactly where you are going, where you will be departing from, what route you plan to take, and what time you expect to return. This way, if something goes wrong, authorities will know sooner and can focus their search in the right area.
3. Take time beforehand to become familiar with the area you will be hiking, the expected weather, and any hazards you many encounter. If hiking in an unfamiliar area, it’s a good idea to equip each member with a map, or distribute several among the adults.
4. Pack a portable first-aid kit inside a backpack, along with lots of water and energy bars. A flint-lock fire starter is also an important item to have on hand. Nobody plans to get lost, but many rescue scenarios unfold on simple day hikes. If something goes wrong and you end up spending the night in the wilderness, you’ll be glad you have it. Compact, portable plastic rain ponchos are also a good idea.
Some tips for hiking with kids;
  • Be realistic and know your limits. When hiking with kids, the group can only travel as far and as fast as its weakest member. One of the most surefire ways to spoil the fun is to have unrealistic expectations. 
  • Use a buddy system when hiking in large groups, making sure that each child is paired with an adult or another child. Make sure everyone knows it is their job to know where their buddy is at all times. Also assign specific adults to specific children, so that you don’t loose track of one because everyone assumes he or she is being watched by someone else. 
  • Keep small children at an adults side at all times to avoid attack by a mountain lion or cougar. Children are often considered prey by mountain lions, which are silent and quick. Two-thirds of all such attacks occur against children. 
  • Make lots of noise when hiking in the wilderness to scare away any bears. 
  • Learn how to spot potentially dangerous plants, such as sumac, poison ivy, or poison oak. Teach children what the dangerous plants are, and teach them how to recognize them. Kids will usually enjoy learning. 
  • Check your children for ticks on a regular basis. 
  • Provide children with whistles and mirrors in case they get lost. Mirrors can also make for a fun educational activity: have children practice reflecting sunlight at different angles along the way to make signal flashes.

Hiking safety rules for kids;
  • Explain to children the importance of sticking by their parents or another adult in the wilderness. 
  • Teach children to never touch snakes or other animals they find in the wild. As a child, I loved snakes. I found one while hiking, and was toting it back to our campsite. I was surprised when a startled park ranger told me to put it down. Turns out it was a baby rattlesnake. 
  • Teach children to make lots of noise when hiking to avoid startling a snake, and give them plenty of time to leave. I remember a particular field trip when we discovered two rattlesnakes along our path, luckily long before any children got anywhere near them. But snakes are a constant danger to hikers. 
  • Teach children the dangers of drinking water out of a river or stream.  
  • Teach children that if they ever get lost, they should “hug a tree,” meaning they should stay put where they are until help arrives later. A lost child often takes longer to find because they continue moving, getting themselves more lost, and sometimes doubling back to areas that rescue crews already searched.
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